News in the Hungarian automotive industry

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A Chinese company is launching a HUF 3,000 billion investment in Hungary

With the BMW factory under construction in Debrecen, the biggest investment in the history of Hungary is starting. The Chinese Contemporary Amperex Technology Limited (CATL) has announced a Hungarian investment of 7.34 billion euros, nearly HUF 300 billion, reports Bloomberg. 

Photo: Forbes

The foundation stone of the BMW factory was laid in Debrecen

Péter Szijjártó told about the event: 150,000 vehicles will be rolled out of the plant a year, and in 2025, according to the plans, the production of a brand new model based on an electric platform, which is not yet included in the brand’s offer, will begin.

Photo: Czeglédi Zsolt / MTI

BMW’s factory in Dingolfing won a prestigious award

The Dingolfing factory of the BMW Group received exceptional recognition: in 2022, the vehicle assembly facility of the Munich-based company group’s plant in Lower Bavaria won the prestigious “Automotive Lean Production Award” award for the most efficient production processes in the “OEM” category.

Photo: BMW PressClub Hungary

Another battery factory may be built in Debrecen

According to press reports, BMW will purchase its batteries from the Chinese company Eve from 2025, in addition to batteries that Tesla also uses. In order to be able to supply its partner closely, Eve can build a factory in Debrecen.

Photo: BMW PressClub Hungary

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